a replica chanel store

A U.S. District Court awarded CHANEL statutory damages in the amount of $6,980,000.00 to be paid by the former owners and operators of the store, CHEAP CHANEL SALE. The store was found by the Court to have been selling replica Chanel products. The Court also ordered that the store be closed down permanently.

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CHANEL devotes immense efforts to remove replica products from being sold or offered for sale.


Buying a replica is best avoided. Often, the illegality and substandard quality is reason enough to stay away from replicas. But there are more serious, and even dangerous reasons to reject them. Counterfeit products, when purchased, line the pockets of criminal syndicates. Opting out of buying a replica, and opting in for the authentic is definitely the best decision anyone can make.


It has been proven that selling replica products is an illegal activity that comes with significant risks. Civil lawsuits and criminal prosecution being taken against replica sellers often result in maximal penalties and fines. In the case of Cheap Chanel Sale 2015, the seller was held liable by the Court in the amount of $6,980,000 in damages.

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